Hey there!

I am Namratha: the blogger-in-chief here
If you want to find out more ‘about me’
you have come to the right place,
but let me warn you
I am still wondering what I am about!

After more than a year of blogging,
I am sure of one thing:
I have no clue what I am doing
nor where I am headed.

Maybe I will find out in the near future
but for now,
I know I love poetry
(which is why this page has so many line breaks)
(when easily it could have been paragraphs instead)
verses and rhyme fascinate me
like nothing else can currently

that said:
I do love myself some microfiction,
tales told in so few words but
astound the reader

what about those mommy tales?
what about those stories about women?
general musings? A-Z? barathon? nanopoblano(huh nanoblahblahblah)?
how can I not write all that?

So please forgive me if I cannot conform
to one type of literature or genre
there is so much to write about
and so less time.

Now, I must be off to create
string some words together
to form sentences
that may or may not rhyme
but hopefully makes an impression
on a person or two.

make someone
see life through a new lens
so if you decide to lounge around
here are some things for you to browse.

If verse is your game: here are my POEMS

If your attention span is lesser than my toddler’s and are looking for instant gratification: here is my MICROFICTION

Feminist? Equalist? Womanist? here are a collection of articles on women written as part of A-Z 2017

See you around in the blog!

5 thoughts on “About Me

  • July 25, 2018 at 12:53 am

    Hi Namratha,
    My name is Rati Girish and I work as the editor of Kidsstoppress.com. Kidsstoppress is India’s leading parenting and children’s lifestyle website.
    I was lead to your website by your comment on extended or long term breastfeeding and want to know if you would be interested in sharing your story with us on Kidsstoppress about your breastfeeding journey.

    Please do get in touch with me at the earliest on editor@kidsstoppress.com. I would love to take this forward.



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