Join us in celebrating ‘Women & their work’ all through April here. I am doing this as a part of the AtoZChallenge 2017. I am attempting this challenge for the first time, and I am quaking in my boots. I intend to do feature some interesting women while simultaneously talking about paid, unpaid work and some issues related to Women@work. I hope to tie all of it into a cohesive unit by the end of the challenge. A lot of unknowns and the challenge seems steep, but going at it anyways. If you are curious, go ahead and take a look at my official theme reveal post. Access all my posts in this series here:

<The links will the updated as each post is published this April>

A for Artist Initiates Conversations On Mental Health

B for Breastfeeding Support Group: BSIM

C for Crafting a business: Quiet Books

D for Doula: A Hand To Hold On Your Most Important Day

E for An Education for all

F for Feminist: A Voice

G for The Gardener: Does Gardening Cure Depression?

H for Husband’s Role In A Women’s Work

I for Inspirational Indian Woman: Acid Attack Survivor Laxmi

J for A Journalist Who Will Never Be

L for Lopsided Balance

M for More than a Mother

N for Natural Organic Soap Maker

O for Oprah Winfrey

P for Poorna’s Journey to Everest

Q for Queen of Tennis, Serena Williams, won a grand slam while pregnant

R for Restart your career today:8 companies that can help

S for Sub-Inspector of RPF, Rekha Mishra is on a rescue mission

T for Teachers: #AtoZChallenge

U for Ugly duckling Retold

V for Verve for Life

W for Woman, Phenomenally, Phenomenal Woman: Maya Angelou

X for Xtraordinary: A Blind IFS Officer

Y for Yoga with Sangeetha: A path to happiness

Z for Zumba & Beyond: Meet Ramya Gowda


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