It is #PlasticFreeJuly and I have been trying to refuse single-use plastic. I have also tried to consciously weigh the impact my purchases make on the environment. On the other hand, as mothers, we always want to provide the best for our babies. What we use on the baby’s skin gets directly absorbed into his bloodstream. Hence, we do need to be absolutely sure we are using the best available option which is safe for the baby as well as convenient for us. When I was given an opportunity to review Mother Sparsh Water Wipes, two words really jumped out at me: Biodegradable and Water Wipes. I would love to use products which give me the best of both worlds: safe for the baby as well as the environment. In this regard, Mother Sparsh Water Wipes has given me ample reason to try them out.

Mother Sparsh Baby Water Wipes says it is good as just wiping with Cotton and Water. Before using the product, I wanted to break down the jargon and really get into what they mean by that and what is it actually made of. Here is my review of Mother Sparsh Baby Wipes.

1. Water-based Wipes

Review of Mother Sparsh Baby Wipes

As seen on the label, these are 98% water based wipes. So, the first question:

What does water wipes mean?

It means that the majority constituent of the wipes is purified water. This is unique because most of the other wipes are lotion based.

What is in the other 2%? It also contains jojoba oil and aloe vera, and preservatives that make sure the wipes stay fresh.

The important factor for me is the wipes contain 0% alcohol and parabens. Cleaning our babies with plain water is the safest idea, but wipes, especially water-based, provides you with the added benefit of convenience, at home as well as on the go.

2. Environment-friendly

Review of Mother Sparsh Baby Wipes

Leaving a better cleaner world for our children is almost as important as what products we use for them. As we can see on the wipes, Mother Sparsh Wipes baby wipes is made of 100% viscose. So, what is viscose?

Viscose is a fiber which is cotton-like in texture, derived from wood pulp. It is generated by synthetic processes but it is completely biodegradable in the right environment, like a landfill or sewage. The good news is that it is polyester and plastic-free (Source).

(Here, it is to be noted that you should not flush these wipes as indicated clearly on its packaging.)

3. Proven to be safe for baby skin:

Review of Mother Sparsh Baby Wipes Clinically tested

The wipes are ph balanced and have been clinically tested to be hypoallergenic and to prevent rashes to the baby’s skin. Also, I have been using it for the past week without any problems for my baby.

4. Texture

The texture of the wipes is soft and stretchy, just like cotton. It does feel like wiping with cotton.

5. Fragrance

As I have a very keen sense of smell, strong odors tend to overwhelm me. Mother Sparsh Wipes has a fragrance mild and pleasant which is an added bonus factor for long-term use.

If you are interested, do try out these wipes from Amazon.


Disclaimer – This is a sponsored post, but all views are my own.

5 Reasons Why You Should Try Mother Sparsh Water Wipes

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