Piranha Quicksand #OctPoWriMo

(Guilt of doing something, everything, this, not that, that before this and nothing – and results of half baked buns) Guilt erupts like a acidic lava somewhere in the vicinity of my appendix and resides in an untraceable location of

Race Tracks #OctPoWriMo

If you are standing at a station of my life As a witness, jury or judge You might presume I stand still Since I am forever in a speed test A race with time on tracks that run parallel Time,

Questioning love #OctPoWriMo

Questioning love #OctPoWriMo

The theme today is love. And I did not know I had so much to say about it:)  Can you feel the timbre of love in the depth of the blind singer song? Does the pitter-patter of the sleeting rain

Boredom in breathing #OctPoWriMo

Moment of desperation Moment of boredom Boredom of today Boredom of tomorrow Tomorrow may not come Tomorrow is not welcome Welcome nothingness Welcome pain Pain of the living Pain of existence Existence in this routine Existence is a routine Routine

Wasting away #OctPoWriMo

  A limbless puppet of destiny My aroma of failure nauseates me I blame my closest for my miseries Only a little less than I blame myself.   A doormat that let life walk all over me fallen into an


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