April is going to be a really hectic month for me. I shall be completing the Super Blogger Challenge which has taught me a lot over the last 7 weeks. I shall also be writing a ‘lot’ of poetry as a part of the A-Z Challenge. My theme this year for A-Z Challenge is ‘Poetry for a Cause‘ where each day I write a poem inspired by a social cause. I am also trying my hand at many different poetry forms and styles. On the side, I am also doing a short and fun poetry course. And a lot a reading, promoting, engaging to be done! Phew! I am sure just reading that got your head spinning, (and I haven’t even included anything about I do in keeping the house running and two kids fed and clothed!)

I am putting my heart and sweat into my words, and burning the midnight oil to do it. Why? Because I have fallen in love with writing poetry and you really ought to do what you love. In one of my future posts, I intend to urge everyone to read and write poetry and not shy away from it. However, today, I would like to share something special with you which has been weighing on my mind. This is my attempt at an ODE: a dedication to your loved one.

Flying on a blue dream

Serendipity was me laying eyes on you
I remember how you stood there
steely and resplendent
shining like a blue moon
as everything else around you faded to oblivion.

I knew I had to get you,
only you.

You were the enabler of my adventures
my helper in time of need
as we sped on together
to any place we fancied.
You were my companion of choice
on days of bright sunshine and rainbows,
or wailing winds and torrential downpour.
You are my shield
my secret keeper,
you and I have made memories
to be cherished for a lifetime.

A decade is a long time
but it has zoomed past us. And now,

Today is the end of this era!
I am sad we must part ways.
Do not be stung that you have been replaced
No, my love,
you were my first,
you will always hold
the most special place in my heart
for now
and forever more.

Here is wishing you a long and fulfilling life:
Arrivederci, my beloved car.

©Namratha Varadharajan

Today, I gave away my car which has been with me for more than 10 years. It is still running well and strong and I wish it all the good luck with its new owners.

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Flying on a blue dream: An Ode #SuperBloggerChallenge #InstaCuppa
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