For You

My little yellow daisy
you splash my life rainbow

I shall paint this earth emerald
to shade you.

©Namratha Varadharajan


NAANI is a Telugu poetry form popularised by a famous Indian poet Dr.N.Gopi. It consists of 4-lines with 20-25 syllables. It can be written about any subject.

INSPIRATION/CAUSE OF THE DAY: Piplantri, a village where 111 trees are planted every time a girl is born

This is what I call “Two mangoes with one stone”!(it’s an Indian phrase translated). In a world, where forests are dwindling and in a country where there is a high rate of female foeticide and abandonment of newborn girl babies, this little village in Rajasthan has found a unique and beautiful solution. Each time a girl child is born, they plant a Hundred and Eleven trees in her honour!

It is an incredible idea. When a girl child is born, the villagers form a trust where they collect a sum of 33,000 rupees out of which one third is paid by the family. The money is invested and will be given to the girl when she comes of age. This makes sure that the parents do not look at the girl as a financial burden to be married off. Also, the parents have to sign a bond that they will not get her married till she is 18 and will take care of the trees planted in her honour. In this way, the local environment gets protected and have a renewed love for having girls! In the course of just 6 years, a quarter of a million trees have been planted!! I vote for this scheme being implemented all over the world. Read this to know more.

For each letter this April, I shall be presenting a poem inspired by ‘something’ that is making our world a little bit kinder, a little bit greener. The ‘something’ is a mix of people, movements, thoughts, or organizations who are having a positive influence on the world around us. Read all the other posts in ‘Poetry For A Cause’ series by linking the button below.


For You: Inspired by PIPLANTRI: 111 Trees For Every Girl #AtoZChallenge #BlogChatterAtoZ #NaPoWriMo
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3 thoughts on “For You: Inspired by PIPLANTRI: 111 Trees For Every Girl #AtoZChallenge #BlogChatterAtoZ #NaPoWriMo

  • May 2, 2018 at 7:37 am

    Two mangos with one stone… I’ll have to remember that one. Yes, that sounds like a good way to solve two problems at once.

    • May 3, 2018 at 2:17 pm

      Haha thanks James. It is a common phrase in tamil

      • May 3, 2018 at 5:28 pm

        Well it’s new to me, and I like it better than “killing two birds with one stone.” So thank you for teaching me a new phrase!


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