The biggest obstacle that I have faced in my life is getting started on something new. Taking that first step. Running that first mile, so to speak.

I am great at ‘ideating’. Some friends have even called me “creative”, that’s something I am yet to believe in myself. I have defined myself more as a “dreamer”. But when it comes to putting my ideas into action or on paper, that where the problem starts!

There is a lot of thinking involved : Is this really what I want to do? 

A lot of research: What have other people done? How do I do it in the most perfect way possible?

Risk analysis: Am I going to fail?

Doubting: Will I be any good?

and so on and so forth. Till it reaches a point where

I get involved in other day-to-day routine work which already occupies a lot of my time, and the project gets abandoned and I loose that initial momentum and energy which comes with creating a new idea


I hit a roadblock or reason why I should not execute the “new idea”. Probably some  random statistic like “Only 1 in 100,00,000 blogs are ever read” (Not a true statistic, I only made that up just now).


Someone I tell my “great new idea” to asks you “Do you really think that is a good idea?”. And FLOP.

It just has to be as trivial as that. I believe a lot of us ‘ideators’ do not execute our projects because of the fear of failure, of exposing our limited abilities to the world.

This first blog post is my way of getting rid of that first roadblock. To step on that first stepping stone. I don’t know where this journey is going to take me, but I just want to play a role in it.

So if you are reading this, you might start to wonder so what exactly is she going to write about. Coming to the point, let me put down some points on what I have come up with till now just off the top of my head

  1. Ideas that Inspire Women
  2. Resources that Empower Them
  3. Information that Removes Doubt
  4. Proof that they too can achieve their dreams

You might think so what’s so different about this blog? Well, A friend suggested that I should make it funny if I want her to read it. Well, I am going to try that just a little bit. Who doesn’t want a bit of fun, even in serious things like going after your dreams?

Also, I intend to make this blog a great source of pleasure for all those reading or following it.

So, let’s just get started now!

Getting Started

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