Oh! How the heart aches

For liquid gold that slipped

through your fingers,

For air which you could

not trap in your lungs forever,

For your neighbor’s pride,

You never got a look inside

The box,

it could be a treasure

or is it pandora’s?

but your heart aches

cause you never got a look inside.


She was perfect.

Plump fingers

clasped ever so lightly

Round eyes

Gazing back at me with love.

The swish of her skirt

so light and feathery

As the sunlight falls on

auburn curls

Wake up!

She wasn’t ever mine!

She was never here!

Oh! How the heart aches

For just a dream.


The heart aches everytime you wish:

it was you who wrote those words

another has written

it was you who spoke those words

so sweet to his ears

it was yours whose face was reflected

in his eyes

it was you who visited lands

so exotic

it was you who had everything

she has.


Oh! How the heart aches

For each elusive desire

driving a thorn through the stem of your soul

Pain, forever reminding you of what is never yours

Grief, blinding you from the radiant light

reflected by the diamond your hand holds.


It is a marvel how sometimes the words come to you or just flow from you onto paper demanding to be written. It is also astonishing the source of some words is just a small desire, which goes unfulfilled, which you aren’t even sure if you truly want.

Written for Poetry Pantry #374

Heart aches
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