I will be smiling.

I will be smiling because I will have a home overlooking the bay. It will be a quaint little house, modern yet cosy, with lots of open spaces and well-lit places.

I will rise with the first rays of the sun streaming through my window and the sound of the waves crashing on the rocks and the smell of the sea. I will take in the warm salty air with each breath and jump out of bed at the start of each day. Because it will always be a great day once I move to Goa!

The pleasure of sipping my morning cup of tea will be amplified by the splendid view of the seashore from my balcony. One moment of nothingness, of just standing still and I will be off to the beach.

The beach is where I will do my morning meditation and my daily dose of exercise. Zumba, yoga or long walks: I will have my pick according to the day of the week. Imagine dancing, sand under the feet,moving to the rhythms of Latin tunes under open skies or watching the waves rush to the shore while doing a headstand!

And I will, at last, open up my Bookstore-Coffee-Shop which I have been threatening the world to do since I was 15. I will have an organic farm which will supply the above-mentioned coffee shop with fresh produce.(C’mon everyone has an organic farm these days and I love gardening and eating. So definitely)

My wardrobe will consist solely of long flowy dresses ending just below the knee, and maybe a couple of shorts and skirts.


I will have strategically placed and comfortably designed spaces to read and write every day.

Family time will vary between building sandcastles, harvesting the farms produce or each of us reading our books lying down at odd angles(we are afterall a family of bookworms). Talking about family, have to consult the husband at this point, to find out how he is going to manage his work from goa. Well, that’s for him to figure out!:)

Our weekends will be filled with long rides in the winding roads of Goa, dips in the sea and dining with live music at the local haunts.

And at the end of the year when the world is pouring into the place to celebrate, we will definitely get the heck out of there and come down for annual visit to Bangalore again.

Hmph! If only!

Long Disclaimer: I probably have no clue how actually living in Goa is like. My ideas are solely based upon vacationing for 4-5 days at a time 6-7 times in Goa in this lifetime.

I have lived my entire life in Bangalore. Except for being born in Bombay, and staying for little more than a year in Chennai after marriage, I have spent most of my existence existing within a 10-kilometer radius! It is probably a classic case of ‘familiarity breeds contempt’ or ‘the other side is always greener’ or ‘I just love to dream’.  Whenever I visit a place, and I have been around a bit, I always get this urge to move to there: everywhere in Europe or anywhere in New Zealand, Pondicherry or even Jaipur! But I have always been partial to Goa(maybe cause I have been there so many times?). It welcomes me with beaches, pools, warm weather, provides a place for me to be Myself and gives me a feeling of coming home.

Well, I know I might never actually move there ever but no one is stopping me from dreaming today.

I Am Moving To Goa!
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3 thoughts on “I Am Moving To Goa!

  • November 29, 2016 at 3:48 pm

    For the first part I was really sure that you were going to shift to Goa. Sounds like bliss, from your words.

    You could still move, probably take a house by the beach and move in a few years time. No?

    P.S. You are in Bangalore now right? There is a blogger meet next week, just thought you might be interested. If so, let me know, I can share the link.


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