This is for all women who want to break barriers at the workplace.
This is for all women who want to go after their dreams.
This is for all men who want to support their women.
This is for all people who believe in equality.

Magic 9 poem inspired by Lean In

Inside the boardroom

There is enough space for you and me at the table
No cause for pause
Wear sarees, suits, skirts or bangles
Attire does not define skill
They might stick you with their labels
Give no thought
Look at me, standing at the apex of the gable
That glass ceiling is false
Don that helmet, wrench open this topmost circle.

©Namratha Varadharajan

Poetry type:

MAGIC 9 Poem. This is a unique form of poetry literally derived from the word abracadabra by removing the r’s! So the rhyming scheme of the poem reads abacadaba. I hope I haven’t missed the message in adhering to rhyme of this poetry form. I had a lot of fun with it though!

INSPIRATION/CAUSE for the day: LEAN IN and Sheryl Sandberg

Poem inspired by Lean In

The inspiration for the poem today was an iconic figure Sheryl Sandberg, COO of Facebook, and her organization LEAN IN which is named after her bestselling book of the same name. The book, albeit nonfiction, proved to be a page-turner. For me, every sentence rang true and the fresh perspective was enlightening. As it happens with most people, a couple of years back I was on a fence, stuck, unmoving. It was the stimulus that broke my inertia and got me moving on the path I am on now.

The book pushes each woman to lean in, give everything you have, put all your bets on the table to climb up the corporate ladder and break barriers(of society, professional and inbuilt) that prevent more women from reaching the top of their profession. Her organization works as a circle that empowers women and urges men to join in the cause.

Do give the book a read or join a Lean In circle in your city/country.

For each letter this April, I shall be presenting a poem inspired by ‘something’ that is making our world a little bit kinder, a little bit greener. The ‘something’ is a mix of people, movements, thoughts, or organizations who are having a positive influence on the world around us. Read all the posts in ‘Poetry For A Cause’ series by linking the button below.


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