A boy in college once asked me why I had to match my Jewellery to my clothes every single day! I just smiled in reply. I did not tell him that I love accessorizing. Neither did I mention that I had a major fetish for vibrantly hued earrings and a minor one for finger rings. He wouldn’t have understood. It is a girl’s thing.

My love for jewellery has only continued to increase with my age. Over the years, I have combed flea markets like a pirate looking to unearth hidden treasure. Crystals and silver hold a special place in my heart. Whenever I travel I make sure I buy some trinkets to add to my ever-growing collection.   Would you like to check them out?

Here is a little sneak peak:


The past year my life has undergone a multitude of changes. My body has gone from XS to XL and has currently settled into to a unique size in which medium is too large and large is too small. No, I have not really been on any binge eating sessions nor extreme diets. If you have read me you would know that we were blessed with our second son a few months back. All that bliss and mushiness is accompanied by endless (or so it seems right now) days of forced insomnia and resulting fatigue. Even if I did garner the energy that is always elusive to a new mom, have you tried shopping with a 4-year-old and a 4-month-old in tow? I would rather stay home and get some sleep! This is why I am truly thankful for the rise of Online Shopping in India.

You would be surprised at the things I have bought online over the past few years! (or maybe you wouldn’t). Myntra is one of my go-to sites for Online shopping in India for jewellery. The reasons are many, and here I would love to share some of them with you.

1. Jewellery for any occasion

Whether you are looking to accessorize for a wedding or for work or just daily wear, there a range of options to choose from both in terms of brands as well as budget. They boast of a collection of jewellery from Rs.99 to Rs.50000+. I am particularly impressed by their ethnic sets from Zaveri Pearls.

jewellery online shopping india


However, if you are looking to gift yourself something exquisite, you would do good to check out their Swarovski collection. Isn’t this one fabulous?

jewellery online shopping india swarowski


2. Great deals

The bargaining in our road shops is replaced by elegant discounts online. On special sale days, the discounts run up to 80%! Wow!

3. Try and buy

The try and buy feature is what truly makes shopping jewellery from Myntra so user-friendly doable. Whoever bought jewellery without trying them on first? What if the earring doesn’t suit me? What if the colour of the stone doesn’t exactly match the shade of my saree?  This was a real deal breaker for me when it came to online shopping for my accessories. It is surely a game changer for online shopping in India.

With this feature, you can try your product while the delivery person waits. This can be availed with both prepaid and cod. I believe this idea not only eliminates the roadblock in my mind but also reduces the need formally return the product in case I am unsatisfied with it.

4. COD and Ease of returns

Myntra offers Cash or Card on delivery as well as a 30-day easy return or exchange policy. However, you will have to ascertain if this is applicable to your product on a case-by-case basis.

5. Free shipping

I love free shipping or rather I truly hate to pay for shipping. I do. Maybe its my quirk or just an Indian-y thing. Why should I? If this is your first time ordering from Myntra, they have free shipping for you. Also, I have found that on most jewellery they ship for free on orders above Rs.49. (Please note that this is a limited period offer).

I do believe online shopping is truly a boon for young mothers as well as the older generation, people who go to work or the ones who stay-at-home people: basically everyone. I experience the joy and thrill of discovering new jewellery designs and matching them to my clothes with something akin to the flick of a wand i.e with a smartphone in one hand and steaming tea in the other while the kids dream in their beds. It is almost magical!

Disclaimer – This is a sponsored post, but all views are my own.

Myntra: My Go-to Destination For Jewellery Shopping Online
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