Haaappppppy Children’s Day!! (ok I am a bit late, still the same week)

And Yay I am still 30!! (won’t be able to say that very soon, so I might as well make the most of it).  I do feel that I have “Adult-ed”: a unique word/phrase which I was recently introduced to me by my post-millennial cousin. I have come to accept myself as an adult, being an adult and doing adult things like cooking and mummying and working and laundry. But I do know that there are a lot of things that I have forgotten about LIFE in the course of this transformation and thankfully I have an adorable, brilliant, enthusiastic, oh-so-stubborn little boy to help me relearn some things I lost along the way. Here are a few of them, to remind you and me what Living is all about.

The Love of Learning

Early childhood development is fascinating to watch. The endless curiosity, the active exploration of the world around him, the sheer fascination that can be provided by a new discovery and the complete happiness that he feels on mastering a concept are all part of his daily routine. How I want to rediscover the joy in learning for the sake of learning again!

Be Happy For The Tiny Things In Life

A 3-year olds sources of pure bliss

  • Tiny round blue things
  • Measuring height at the start, middle and end of each day and declaring “It’s a 100!”
  • Water: in small cups, bathtubs, spilled on the dining table or floor,in a watering can, in the pool, anywhere
  • Putting coins in the piggy bank, taking them out and putting them back again
  • Using towels as butterfly wings
  • Pieces of chapati dough which can be made into endless number of tiny spheres all arranged in a line, then promptly flattened
  • Jumping up and down
  • Running flailing arms and legs in random directions while keeping eyes closed

Happiness is simple in the eyes of the little one, should be for us too!

Negotiations 101: Business Skills

‘A’ spots the half-opened gems packet. Yells “GEMS GEMS, I want gems”

Me: How many gems do you want? (First mistake, never ask)

A: FIVE. One red,one blue, one green, one yellow, one purple.

Me: 5? You can have 1 now, rest later.

A: No. no.  5 gems. One red,one blue, one green, one yellow, one purple.

Me: How about 2 now and 3 after dinner?

A: 5. 5. 5 (Getting Louder) NOW NOW NOW (slight stomping of feet to get the point across)

Me thinks: (No time to argue. Other things to do. Only 5 gems no, let’s get on with life. Rummages for red, blue, green, yellow gems in previously decided order by A. Oh Oh There is no purple in this cover A!)

‘A’ quickly to finish first 4 gems given up by me  and then unleashes secret weapon. Weeeeeee Waaaaaaaa Weeeeeee Waaaaaaaaaaa (*Full Tantrum Alert*).

Me gives up, goes to the shop and buys a new gems packet to find a purple gem.

Greeting People With A Big Smile & A Hug

Picture this: It is yet another Monday morning. You are already exhausted. As you are already late for work, you are trying to put one foot in front of the other as fast as possible. You get ready and open your room door, and a tiny thing runs into you. A little girl with a broad smile. She has been waiting for you to come out and is oh-so-happy to see you. She gives you the tightest little hug and a peck on the cheek. And you are all set for the day!

One of my cousins used to do this to me when she was a wee toddler. Wouldn’t our world be the best place to live in if everyone greeted each other this way?

When Hurt, Cry Your Heart Out.. 5 mins Later: Laugh So Hard & So Loud That Tears Run Down Your Face

Have you noticed how kids get over things so easily? How they express their feelings so completely that they can just move on to the next important activity?

Asking for help

My son screams and cries when he can’t do something. Usually, it will be something like he dropped something small like a piece of chalk somewhere and can’t find it, or his car ran under the sofa and he can’t reach it. Time and again, I found myself telling him, ‘Don’t yell, just ask me for help and I will get it for you’. In due course, I realized I should start following my own advice and ask for help when I couldn’t do something on my own.

Most of all I would like to relearn to be ‘childish’, as the kid in THIS Ted Talk says “the world needs “childish” thinking: bold ideas, wild creativity and especially optimism.”

What about you?


What a 30-year-old can learn from a 3-year-old about “Living”

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