The word ‘Mother’ doesn’t begin to cover the length and depth of the roles that the woman who birthed me means to me and to all those around here. So I decided to add a few more ‘terms’, just in case.

Universal Geo-emotional tracker

Long before the invention of the GPS, my mom was an emotional GPS. She knew and still knows exactly how each person around her feels. The real talent comes into play when you aren’t anywhere near her. You may or may not have spoken to her on phone. You may have never said a word. You might not even be in the same timezone. Yet, she will know.

The Sweetest Voice

When she sings “Shivarama Krishna”, it elevates your senses to an alternate plane, and you will start believing in the beauty of the world. On many occasions, my son has slept to the sweet rendering of a “Thalattu”(lullaby in Tamil) on her lap. She lives up to her name of “Ganapriya” which literally translates to “Lover of music” and Carnatic music is her lifelong love. She also enjoys Metallica and Bollywood music.


Due to her first superpower of being an emotional GPS, she is often known to pester you will questions. She wants to know it all, even though you don’t know if you are ready to say anything just yet. But when you are, she will be there waiting to hear.


My grandmothers, us kids, my dad, my son, his & her relatives and more: the list is never ending for the number of people she has taken care of. In sickness or on holidays, she has taken everyone in willingly with a smile on her face. Wonder how she does it?

The Backbone

She is the one who keeps us all together. She is the one who keeps us strong. I really don’t know what will happen in a world without her.

Well, all this and some more. I would need a lot more words to express everything I want to about her. But for the sake of keeping posts short, I am going to end here by saying, “All I wish for is I become at least half the mother that she is.”

More than a Mother: #AtoZChallenge
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