are you nice if
you keep silent
when you don’t agree?

if you silence your voice
will you choke on your tongue?

is it important to
be respectful, be polite at all times?

is it worth the frustration
and anger that keeps getting added up?

can you hold the pressure
in and bottled up forever?

when it bursts open
will you be frowned upon?

does keeping mum
build better relationships?

are you better at battling
inside yourself than

is it better to speak your mind
fight tooth and nail?

is it better to battle each time
wage a war till you get your way?

do you have the strength
to handle being called a bitch?

which is better? which is worse?
who knows? who can tell?

Written for Nanopoblano Day 11.


Peace, at what cost? – A poem of questions
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