Period-ic Trouble

My period-ic trouble is Sailor Red
Red is his name, not Blue.

He is usually on time
for his monthly visit
but bids adieu soon.

If he stays away too long
I beseech his presence,
then get off-balance
and scold him for his tardiness.

As he approaches
he sends in warning signals
instigating riots
at the pit of my stomach,
thighs and more.

He is Loki’s little disciple
his paws jumble up brain wires
connecting them into the wrong sockets
sometimes fusing them
sometimes blowing them up!

He’s not that dirty
that I have to retreat
into the shadows
and lie on a straw mat
like a banished cat!

Our relationship is natural
My dear and bane in equal
why should I play hide-and-unseen?
why should I be a touch-me-not?
why should I only whisper his name?

©Namratha Varadharajan



INSPIRATION/CAUSE FOR THE DAY: Sustainable Menstrual Hygiene

The intention behind this poem was to reiterate from the rooftops that menstruation is a natural process.

Also, I wanted to raise awareness about the unsustainability of our current widely used sanitary napkins.

DID YOU KNOW? That our sanitary napkins are made of plastic(each one equivalent to 3-4 plastic covers) and it is estimated that it takes 800 years to decompose! I have only recently started being more aware of the impact my lifestyle has been having on the environment, but I am sorry to say I haven’t yet tried any other alternatives yet. But there are a couple of products that have caught my attention.

  1. Menstrual cups:

    Menstrual cups is being promoted actively as the eco-friendly alternative to sanitary napkins. Reviews of the products seem to be safe and comfortable while being reusable. The basic design is that it is a small silicone cup that inserted into the vagina of the woman during menstruation.

  2. Cloth pads by EcoFemme:

    EcoFemme is a cloth pad revolution that is being led from Auroville, TamilNadu. The pads are made of cotton and by buying their product you also provide a livelihood to the rural women who stitch them.

  3. Saathi Biodegradable pads

    Saathi is a biodegradable and compostable sanitary pad! I believe this is a viable solution for women who don’t want to wash out cloth napkins but want to reduce filling landfills as well.

For each letter this April, I shall be presenting a poem inspired by ‘something’ that is making our world a little bit kinder, a little bit greener. The ‘something’ is a mix of people, movements, thoughts, or organizations who are having a positive influence on the world around us. Read all the other posts in ‘Poetry For A Cause’ series by linking the button below.


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