The theme today is love. And I did not know I had so much to say about it:) 

Can you feel the timbre of love in the depth of the blind singer song?

Does the pitter-patter of the sleeting rain remind you of that moment in love?

Do you unearth love from six feet under?

Did the navy starlit sky over the raging sea promise you one true love?

Does love smell like my mother?

Do you pause for love?

What is love?


Do we need to be the sacrificial lamb at the altar of love?

Does the night make love bloom?

Is there more to love than a chemical imbalance?

Can love exist without adoration?

Does love taste like water?

Will a child’s eyes looking up at you unravel the mysteries of love?

What is love?


Does love shade our eyes from the truth?

Will love make me forget you hit me last night?

How many ‘love at first sight’ become ‘love at last sight’?

Does my high heels and lacy lingerie make you love me more?

Will you love me longer if I was a bit thinner?

Does our love need to be cemented with ‘highly pressurized carbon cut with refractive edges set in shiny metal’ to last forever?

What is love?


Can we love for just one moment?

Why does love look like you?

Will love give you a purpose?

Will love melt pain into bliss?

Why does love fill and empty at the same time?

Did your love ache?

What is love?


Will love let me swallow nails?

Did you confuse addiction for love?

Will you overcome yourself for love?

What is love?

Questioning love #OctPoWriMo
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