This is the first ever guest post on my blog. I am truly excited that it is by the talented writer, Vanessa Rowe. Presenting her micro tale.

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She was ignorant to the stray hair that fluttered across her creased brow.

Her slow breath formed repeated mists as she slept, her head on an outstretched arm adorned with golden bangles.

Her royal purple sari swept across her body like a gentle caress. And her earrings giggled sweetly in her ears whenever the breeze tickled them.

The room glowed in amber light from two candles placed on either sides of the table.

His favourite food decorated the lace draped table. A bottle of red wine stood proudly in the middle.

All was quiet.

She awoke with a start when the antique grandfather clock chimed twelve.

Soaked in the sepia toned room, the light deepened the shadows on her young face.

Happy 1st Wedding Anniversary“, she whispered as she cut their cake.

Her husband’s garlanded face smiled down at her from the wall in reply.


by Vanessa Rowe 

Blogger @ 5 Minutes & Writing Revived

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Sepia [Guest Post] – Microfiction by Vanessa Rowe
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