I was in my teens when I first read Pride and Prejudice and fell in love with the adorable Mr.Darcy. Since then, I have fancied myself in the shoes of Elizabeth Bennet often. I have imagined walking around the gardens of Pemberley hand-in-hand with the handsome, striking, loving Fitzwilliam Darcy. Many a nighttime musing of my “growing up” years revolved around the endless dances I would be dancing with him as my partner in the balls of Hertfordshire. When I did meet my prince, or knight in shining armor I imagined he would be just like Darcy(Oh now that I think of it I guess my husband is also full of pride and sweetness. Coincidence?)

Recently, a need to read something that would transport me away from reality took me back to this book. However, I did find myself wondering if I will enjoy the book now. Now that I am a grown up and a mom, I am obviously not the same old ‘romantic’, ‘head in the clouds’ person I was many years ago. For starters, I prefer the good boys with better manners now, there is no more of the “bad boy” hangover left. Will Bingley with his well-bred manners be liked better this time around?

I almost put the book back down as soon as I picked it up. I did not want to destroy “that wonderful feeling” I had felt all those years back. This is the primary reason I never watch the movie of any book I love: all my imagination of the characters is replaced by the rigid unchanging faces of the actors(Except the Harry Potter Series: well, Daniel Radcliff is imprinted as Harry Potter forever, sigh!). What if my beloved Darcy did not meet my idea of the ideal guy anymore? However, the charm of the first few pages deterred me from closing the book and I did finish it over one weekend.

Now I can safely say: Yes! Mr. Darcy is still the perfect man and the “new” and “changed” and “wiser” me fell in love with him all over again. For one, he is super-duper rich, and owns a beautiful estate! Who doesn’t want that?(haha). On a more serious note, he is seriously handsome. Ok ok. Moving on. The beauty of the character lies in its imperfections and contradictions which Jane Austen has so intrinsically weaved into the story. He has pride(a lot of it) because of his wealth and upbringing, however, he is known to be very kind and polite to his servants. He speaks but a little in large gatherings, does not easily mingle with unknown people but is known to be very interesting company among friends: our ‘classic’ introvert(Like me, me, me!!!!).  He is decisive and takes action in difficult situations. He also is extremely humble in the sense that he does not like to take credit for helping out people(Isn’t humbleness the opposite of pride?). He demonstrates that he can take feedback well, and goes on to improve upon his so called faults. Wow! Isn’t that what we all want in a partner? To top it all he knows how to recognize a woman with a fine mind! Game, set and match!

If my writing here seems too cheesy, it is because I am in love again, with my image of The Mr.Darcy. and probably will be found in my dreams as Elizabeth Bennet going for a walk hand-in-hand with him on the sprawling grounds of Pemberly.

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Why I Am Still In Love With Mr.Darcy
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  • March 3, 2017 at 9:03 pm

    Humbleness is not the opposite of pride but the lack of it.


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