Thirst – Nanopoblano Day 9

Thirst – Nanopoblano Day 9

Fill my cup with a steamy ginger tea with a hint of elaichi sweetened with two heaped spoons of sugar and I shall drink deep …. for a moment.   Fill my goblet with aged blood red wine produced by

What do you do? – Nanopoblano Day 10

What do you do?  – Nanopoblano Day 10

What do you do? by Namratha Varadharajan “Just a mom”, I apologize. An attempt at a poker face with a hint of shame. Though I run around all day   “It is difficult with two in tow”,  another excuse for

Piranha Quicksand #OctPoWriMo

(Guilt of doing something, everything, this, not that, that before this and nothing – and results of half baked buns) Guilt erupts like a acidic lava somewhere in the vicinity of my appendix and resides in an untraceable location of

Inside Weather #OctPoWriMo

(1) two tornados rage in sync a tsunami sky high torrential downpour of slime carpet pulled from under my feet   inside a calm zephyr the day is conquered with a shrug of the shoulder and a smile (2) sunshine

Prayer of A Poet #OctPoWriMo Day 4

My words are a drop of water drowning in the everlasting ocean of every day thoughts My words are a helium balloon on a breeze wondrous awe for a moment, then floating away higher and higher, then out of sight


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