Teachers our one of the most important parts of our world in childhood. We love them, adore them, learn from them. From Argentina to Tamil Nadu, today I want to share with you the stories of two amazing teachers.

Noelia Garella

The first one is about a woman with Down’s Syndrome, who always wanted to be a teacher. As a child, Noelia Garella, was rejected by a montessori school. Then the teacher had said, “No monsters here”(Uh! The insensitivity of the world). However, she has fought all odds and at 31 is a nursery school teacher. She enjoys reading to her class everyday. Her collegues realized that she has a great vocation, and were instrumental in hiring her. She gives the toddlers what is most important to them: Love.

Amazing teachers

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Annapurna Mohan

Annapurna is a government school teacher in Tamil Nadu, India, who wanted her students to have the same level of education as those in private schools. She noticed that students in her school did not converse fluently in English. So she started teaching and talking exclusively in English in her classes. To improve the quality of books and equipment in the class, she did not want to wait for ages for the government to saction funds. Hence,  Annapurna sold her jewellery and created an environment for her children in which they could thrive. We are really proud of her dedication and drive.

Annapurna teacher

Image source: Facebook/annapurna mohan

These are teachers who have done something more than what they had do, but all teachers are just as important. Our parents are our first teachers. Our favorite subjects in school were probably decided by those teachers who taught it with such aplomb that we fell in love with it forever. Many more along the way have taught us important life lessons. Today, I want to thank all of them for making me who I am.

Teachers: #AtoZChallenge
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  • April 26, 2017 at 8:50 am

    This, along with Rosh’s A to Z theme of everyday heroes, just makes me realize humanity is well and alive. Thank God for teachers like these 🙂


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