I wrote my first gratitude post in September. But I don’t really maintain a gratitude journal and had to dig through my memories to get there. So, I almost did not write a gratitude post for October. To be sure, the month could be best termed as more of the same. Definitely, nothing out of the ordinary was in there. Same old thing. Be a judge yourself.

My October:

a few adorable mommy moments

online shopping for pants

a couple of festivals and a birthday

a fight that resolved itself

online shopping for groceries

read up online on how to be a better mother(there is a lot of literature out there promising to be useful). Google is my friend. My latest searches have ranged from ‘How do new mothers get a moment of peace?’, to ‘pants online’, to ‘whats happening to me?!!’.

declared poetry as my current calling (until I move on to the next big itch that won’t go away until I pour my heart and soul into it). For a generous dose of poetry go here.

signed up for Nanopoblano and became a Pepper(where you write every day in November. Don’t question me too closely about being a pepper, still figuring it out though sometimes its all so clear)

Hmm.. Nothing truly stood out. No drama in there. So where is the story to tell?

But somewhere along the line, it struck me as that is exactly what I should be grateful for. I am truly thankful for this normal month with not many ups and downs. I enjoy my currently boring life where there is not much drama. I don’t want any. Keep it away from me!

Also, I would like to use this opportunity to acknowledge someone:here is a shout out to Pepper Leader Ra(do click for a read) for being amazing, continuing to see the good in people but mainly sharing and writing so brilliantly that it is truly inspirational to those of us trying to step into this fascinating world of the written word.

Before I am done with this post, how can I not share a poem

see the beauty
in the stillness of the moon

feel the slow rhythm of the leaves
flowing to a leisurely wind

breathe in the aroma
of the spider lily’s bloom

bite into that pepper slowly
feeling the heat spread within

enjoy life through the small things
small things make it worth it.

NaNoPoBlaNo Day 10

Gratitude circle with VidyaSury

Thank you for a normal month: October Gratitude Post
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6 thoughts on “Thank you for a normal month: October Gratitude Post

  • December 2, 2017 at 6:09 pm

    I’m grateful that you shared another beautiful poem with us via this post 🙂 Also I never knew how pretty spider lilies were until now (I don’t think I have ever seen one before), so that is another thing to be grateful for. That and the spicy deliciousness of peppers, I may have to go and find one to complete the whole experience of gratefulness for his blog post 🙂

    • December 5, 2017 at 10:58 am

      Thank you for reading and your wonderful comments. Glad you enjoyed the poem

  • November 21, 2017 at 7:26 pm

    Namy, you are so right about being grateful for normal. Sometimes it is the routine that keeps us sane, no? I like your Pepper-ness. Although I spent some moments articulating nanopoblano. Sounds like a sound I would make to a toddler and receive curious looks. I am going like a racehorse with NaNoWriMo and feeling gooood about it.

    Reading your post made me happy! Thanks so much for joining the Gratitude Circle! Have a wonderful week ahead!

  • November 12, 2017 at 3:25 pm

    We sometimes think life is too predictable and boring with not much action but when things go haywire or there is a sudden happening with disrupts our normal life, we realise the worth of those normal boring days. I recall how much I used to miss them and yearn for them when my grand father passed away- everything around us was the same but I never felt normal. Also when I was going through a rough path after the birth of my daughter with sleepless nights and feeding guilt- I went for a walk and everything around me looked normal- I missed going to office at that point and strongly felt I want my normal life back. Loved your journal as always and the poem leaves me with food for thought. I wasn’t aware of this blogging challenge – so it it like a AtoZ?

    • November 13, 2017 at 11:08 am

      You got it Akshata? the predictable life in which we are all healthy and the routine goes on uninterrupted is indeed to be valued.
      Nanopoblano is a small unofficial group which just blogs everyday in November. It was initially started as a bloggers answer to Nanowrimo. I chanced upon the signup link a while back and thought I would give it a go.
      You can sign up at this link anytime https://anitashree.com/2017/10/12/its-approaching-that-time-again/ and are usually shared in Cheer Peppers fb page.
      A-z was way more organised and had more traction. Joined it mainly because it pushes me to write a little each day.

      Thanks for reading


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