amrita sher-gil

Viola felt listless, as she moved on to stare at yet another painting.

“How happy she looks? So full of life!”

Tony broke her reverie by calling her to his side. She went to stand by him but got lost in herself again. Her days were like a circle: starting and ending at the same point. She had forgotten what her dreams were when she had given up on them. She did not think she will feel true happiness ever again.

“Had she been a little jealous of a lady in a painting?” 

At long last, the evening was over. They met with their host, and she found herself enquiring about the painting she had noticed earlier.

“Oh! That one is special, isn’t it? It’s the last self-portrait of the painter herself, completed just a day before she died. She had such a verve for life!”

This is a short piece of fiction by inspired by the self-portrait of the painter Amrita Sher-gil who died at the age of 28 before her first solo-show. Life is short. NOW is the time to live our dreams.

Verve for Life: #AtoZChallenge
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