Piranha Quicksand #OctPoWriMo

(Guilt of doing something, everything, this, not that, that before this and nothing – and results of half baked buns) Guilt erupts like a acidic lava somewhere in the vicinity of my appendix and resides in an untraceable location of

Learning the ropes #OctPoWriMo

A potter’s wheel spins with a rattleset in motion by your long wooden stick.I squat low on a nondescript stoneyou look on from opposite. My bare feet is red like the sand below,As I intently try to shapethis lump of

Race Tracks #OctPoWriMo

If you are standing at a station of my life As a witness, jury or judge You might presume I stand still Since I am forever in a speed test A race with time on tracks that run parallel Time,

Claustrophobia in the name of abundance

Accumulation of a bric-a-brac army nine million and one strong displace air from the room. Who needs air when you have things? more bric-a-brac buy two get five, free free free you can afford it, everyone else has it, buy

Lobsters #OctPoWriMo

We hardly said Hello to each other this morning. I served your meal with my eyes filled to the brim with work. I dint pause to see you. You were immersed in your own music and words. Do these words


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